Ripple vs SEC lawsuit is in the spotlight of all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Everyone is eagerly watching every move in the court and is waiting for the final verdict. Attorney Jeremy Hogan has dropped some quick updates regarding the case and its possible outcome.

Settlement discussion in Ripple vs SEC?

Attorney Hogan has revealed that a one-hour settlement discussion in the case happened a couple of months ago.

A Twitter user asked Attorney ‘Could Judge Netburn recommend the SEC to settle with Ripple as she has seen all the ETH and XRP documents?

To this, Jeremy Hogan replied that Judge Netburn has seen all the documents on camera. If he is correct then SEC is in the problem here which could make a big difference.

SEC has been filing contradicting objections and motions in the court. From Hinman’s infamous speech to Estabrook notes, the commission has been giving different assumptions each time they have filed a reconsideration motion.

Earlier, SEC considered Hinman’s Speech as “‘public guidance’” later they filed a motion to reconsider it as his ‘personal views.’ Recently, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, launched a motion against SEC’s opposition to disclose ‘Estabrook Notes’ in court. However, it is being reported that the commission has been using its delay tactics to slow down the proceedings,

Attorney Hogan also suggested some outcomes regarding the latest development in the lawsuit.

When can Ripple Lawsuit Conclude?

Attorney Hogan shared his wild guess regarding this proceeding in the case.

Earlier, attorney John Deaton, lawyer of XRP holders in the case also dropped some assumptions regarding the case. He raised some serious concerns about SEC favoring ETH which could end up in a settlement.

Reacting to Mr. Gensler’s response in an interview, he said Gensler is receiving all this pressure related to the free pass for Ether Foundation, Vitalik, Lubin. I won’t be surprised to hear about a settlement.

This directly signals that if everything goes the Ripple’s way then SEC will opt for the settlement which will eventually give the commission a win in the public’s eye.

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