Ethereum products are enjoying elevated interest from institutional investors. SEC filings from publicly listed institutions show that institutional interest in Ethereum is now nearing an all-time high. 

Booming institutional interest in Ethereum

CoinMetrics was the first to point out the data. In its recent State of the Network (SOTN) report, CoinMetrics disclosed that institutional interest in Ethereum, measured from the SEC’s publicly accessible database, has had a strong positive relationship with the price of ETH.

The reason for the relationship was noted to be the fact that public institutions were obligated to report investments in crypto trust funds and ETFs to the SEC. By digging into the SEC’s database to examine 13(f) securities filings, CoinMetrics found that from 2020 to 2022, entities that mentioned Ethereum in their filing have been on the rise.

 A similar trend from 2020 to 2021 is noticeable for Ethereum, reflecting its growing interest with institutions, the report noted. 

CoinMetrics also remarked that institutional interest was likely to increase if an ETF is approved for Ethereum as exemplified by interest in Bitcoin.

In a similar vein, analysis of funds inflows to Ethereum funds shows a similar trend. Institutional investments to Ethereum funds have seen two weeks of outflows, with around $17 million in total leaving them last week as related by CoinShares.

However, they recorded sustained inflows in the earlier part of the year. According to CoinShares’ report in February, Ethereum was the favorite of institutional investors.

ETH seeing a torrent of  bullish signals

While more institutional interest is expected to give the price of ETH more momentum, it is not the only factor. On the on-chain side, the price of ETH has likely been helped by a consistent reduction in the supply of Ether.

Data shows that Ethereum’s fee-burning mechanism, EIP-1559, has burned over 2 million ETH since its activation last August. That is equivalent to over $5.7 billion worth of ETH removed. 

Similarly, participation in the ETH 2.0 staking is rising steadily. There is now over 10.2 million ETH worth approximately $30 billion locked in the ETH 2.0 staking contract in preparation for the Merge.

The price of ETH has crossed $3,000 on the day with a 3.22% increase. ETH is also up 18% in the last week and has been one of the biggest gainers in the market.


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