Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum (ETH) launched some allegations against Ripple’s XRP legitimacy. Meanwhile, John Deaton, XRP holder’s lawyer slammed the Ethereum founder over his controversial take.

XRP lawyer challenges ETH’s Vitalik

Buterin in a Twitter thread mentioned that he is delighted to see that Ethereum people are pushing against regulations that benefit them. However, he targeted XRP token and added that they lost their right to protection when Ripple tried to attempt to throw ETH on the bus as “China-controlled”.

The XRP holder’s lawyer asked the ETH founder that is he suggesting that Ripple’s native token holders don’t deserve to be protected. Deaton challenged Buterin that If he believes that he is a true leader then he should clarify that he does not mean that XPR holders have nothing to do with Ripple.

He recalled the article Buterin wrote for Bitcoin magazine. Deaton highlighted that there were positive things Ethereum founder wrote about XRP. There will be some investors who might have taken your advice at that time.

However, Deaton also mentioned when Ripple made comments over Bitcoin and Ethereum regarding Chinese-controlled tech, he stood against it. He added that at that time they were having a tussle over the existence. While SEC launched selective enforcement. However, he advised that all key players must unite.

Did ETH get first mover advantage?

XRP lawyer replied that Ethereum had the First mover advantage. However, it also got a regulatory advantage that no other crypto other than BTC had. He called ETH had a monopoly over the market.

Meanwhile, the crucial SEC Vs Ripple lawsuit has halted the growth of the XRP token. The defendants are trying to turn over Hinman’s infamous Ethereum speech drafts. While the commission is putting all its efforts to shield the documents.

On the market side, XRP is trading lower by 56% over the year to date basis. It is trading at an average price of $0.37, at the press time.

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