Twitter and Instagram are not the only companies plagued by bots. A report highlights that 40% of the activity on crypto platforms is derived from bots. The report analyzed over 60 platforms and games and found over 200,000 crypto bots. 

Jigger, a crypto company that deals with bots in Web 3.0 games, performed the analysis.

Web 3.0 Plagued By Crypto Bots

Levan Kverkveila, the co-founder of Jigger, reveals how the analysis for the report was performed. Jigger detects bots and multi-accounts by linking wallets belonging to the same person. A specific algorithm and graph technology help in linking the wallets. 

Kverkveila highlighted the Tiny World game. He tells that Tiny World is a Top 3 game on the BNB chain. Graph analysis of the game shows that 80% of its users are bots. He also reveals that paid services also have bots. 

Levan also revealed other platforms that have bot issues. Mobox, one of the Top-2 gamefi platforms on  Binance has more than 55% bots. Biswap DEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has 13,000 bots due to a referral service.

Leaven reveals his process for analyzing whether is a crypto bot or not. The users have to send a selfie to prove that they are unique users.

According to the report, games and platforms on Binance Chain seem to be most affected by the bots. 

Ariva digital, a crypto platform built for travel and tourism purposes seems to have 87% bots. 

In response to a question about deep learning being able to generate unique faces, Levan revealed that their algorithm was able to detect deep learning-developed images. 

After Hacks, Will Web 3 Have A Bot Problem

One of the biggest problems faced by Web 3 platforms is hacking. Phishing and malicious activity have plagued exchanges and bridges. If Web 3.0 platforms face a bot problem, it will be a serious blow to the legitimacy of blockchain platforms. Security is one of the biggest selling points of blockchain.

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