UACatsDivision team, in partnership with UNITED24 and the crypto-media resource Incrypted, has announced the creation of the first-ever national NFT collection featuring Ukrainian heroes in the form of cats. The project’s ambitious goal is to raise $1 million, with all funds going towards UNITED24’s fundraising platform for the purchase of naval combat drones.

UACatsDivision is the first collection of NFT cats of its kind, featuring cats from territorial defense, marine cats, doctor cats, journalist cats, and 10,000 other cats who defend their homeland against enemy threats. Users can create their unique furry hero and contribute to the cause of Ukrainian victory.

The mission of the project is to showcase the heroism of the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and independence. Through the use of NFT technology, the UACatsDivision team aims to immortalize the hero-cats in the form of an NFT collection, serving as a symbol of Ukrainian strength.

The project’s team has made it possible to purchase NFT cats using traditional payment methods such as credit and debit cards, enabling non-crypto individuals to contribute to the cause.

The UACatsDivision collection is being created in collaboration with Incrypted, one of the most famous Ukrainian crypto media outlets. Incrypted has been organizing fundraisers for charitable projects through the global crypto community since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. This collaboration can encourage newcomers to take their first step in learning about the crypto world while simultaneously supporting Ukraine.

Alice Trout