With launching “My House” on the ZEPETO platform last month, Samsung joined the so-called “metaverse” craze. The latter is a virtual place in the ZEPETO metaverse that players may customize using Samsung Electronics devices, furniture, textiles, and other items. Samsung debuted the platform at CES 2022, and it quickly became a hit with ZEPETO users.

Samsung revealed today that it’s My House virtual module in the metaverse had over 4 million visitors as of January 28th. This statistic was recorded less than a month after Samsung’s My House debuted in the ZEPETO metaverse. Thus, it appears that it garnered a lot of traction just after its CES 2022 premiere.

Immersive Digital Experience Era

Samsung has stated that it intends to extend its collaborations with other industries to keep up with the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. The software company has already built a virtual replica of its 837 flagship stores at Decentraland, located at 837 Washington Street in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Meanwhile, the Samsung 837X virtual shop will only be accessible for a limited period. “With My House’s success as a footing, we’re looking to engage more aggressively with millennials and Generation Z by maximizing consumers’ metaverse experiences,” said Young-hee Lee, head of Samsung’s Global Marketing Center.

Samsung My World: A Beautiful Home

My House, in conjunction with Zepeto, targets its client base’s younger counterparts, notably Generation Z and millennial youth. According to Samsung Electronics, the number of users who have used the Zepeto mobile app through the Google Play Store has surpassed 4 million. It is the greatest among Zepeto’s associated services.

Samsung describes the platform as “a space-decorating experience,” in which users may acquire, arrange, and design their homes using various objects depicted in virtual representation. The electronics powerhouse is trying to invest in the metaverse business to develop its present items and establish a technological system amongst its appliance varieties.

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