On Tuesday, May 24, one of the most widely used and popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask announced that it shall be integrating Coinbase Pay. The announcement came soon after Coinbase said that it’s allowing Web 3 developers to integrate its payment platform into their dApps.

This makes MetaMask the first external wallet integration for Coinbase Pay. The announcement reads:

“We’ll soon be integrating Coinbase Pay into MetaMask as a method of transferring & purchasing crypto.  @Coinbase is launching this integration with MetaMask first as they roll out to the web3 ecosystem! This integration is another step towards our goal of making crypto easier to purchase within MetaMask.”

The Coinbase Pay integration will roll out to MetaMask users in the coming weeks. After that, users can use their existing crypto balance from their Coinbase account and purchase crypto swiftly using the payment info saved in their accounts such as bank accounts or debit cards.

Coinbase Pay for Web 3 Developers

In order to facilitate easy transfer of funds across the Web 3 ecosystem, Coinbase announced its Coinbase Pay platform earlier this month. The goal was to bring seamless crypto payments systems across different verticals of crypto such as DeFi, NFTs, etc.

Despite the recent explosion in the worlds of DeFi and NFTs, it’s expensive for new retail players to dive into these market segments. Customers have to go through a complex process of manual crypto sends, log into different dApps, and copy their wallet addresses which makes them vulnerable to errors. Coinbase Pay seeks to solve most of these customer problems. As explained by Coinbase:

Coinbase Pay is the powerful new way to purchase or transfer crypto to a wallet or dapp in a few clicks to be ready to dive into DeFi or purchase an NFT.

Customers can use their existing crypto balances or purchase new crypto using the payment information saved to their Coinbase accounts, such as debit cards and bank accounts. This simplified fiat-to-crypto conversion makes the world of web3 far more intuitive and accessible.


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