Founder of Meta Mark Zuckerberg in an address to creators announced on Facebook that the company is working on a feature that will allow the display of NFTs on Instagram and Facebook. This will be activated on Instagram first.

Creators to mint NFTs on top Meta Apps

In October 2021, Facebook became Meta to reflect a new focus on developing social experiences for the metaverse. In March 2021, Zuckerberg first mentioned integration of digital collectibles on Instagram. He explained later in May that this will enable creators and collectors to display their NFTs on their profile.

We’re starting building for NFTs not just in our metaverse and Reality Labs work, but also across our family of apps….it’s about expression and saying something about yourself.

He said In a video in May.

The CEO and billionaire has once again spoken on the integration of NFTs hinting that its launch is edging closer. In his recent post on Facebook, he said they would start with a few US creators.

Zuckerberg said NFTs will also be tested on Instagram Stories with SparkAR soon and “hopefully” be able to mint their own NFTs within the app. He has previously said that Meta is working on 3D augmented reality NFTs with its Spark AR software.

Politicians turn to NFTs to crowdfund for campaigns

NFTs have been used to raise money in almost every sector and it continues to revolutionize the world of crowdfunding. As the U.S. election season draws closer, one politician, in particular, is using the technology to raise funding for his campaign.

Jared Polis announced the launch of his very own NFT collection. The 2,022 tokens in the collection are to include illustrations of various objects that have personal meaning to Polis and the state of Colorado.

Polis is far from the first U.S. politician to get involved with the Web3 space. Democratic candidate for congress Shrina Kurani offered NFTs as part of a strategy to crowdfund for her campaign. In the end, she raised about $6,610 via the initiative.

Republican senatorial candidate Blake Masters has also been very open about his support for NFTs and crypto, and he minted NFTs for his campaign himself.

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