The British Army has been the latest victim of rampant crypto scams taking place in the market. On Sunday, July 3, hackers took over control of the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts and posted crypto videos through them.

After a brief period following the hack, the British Army regained control with a fresh message on Twitter that reads:

Apologies for the temporary interruption to our feed. We will conduct a full investigation and learn from this incident. Thanks for following us and normal service will now resume.

Another tweet from the British Ministry of Defence said: “The breach of the Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts that occurred earlier today has been resolved and an investigation is underway. The Army takes information security extremely seriously and until their investigation is complete it would be inappropriate to comment further”.

The hackers renamed the Twitter account of the British Army to Bapesclan. Then they made several posts relating to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Besides, they also changed the profile picture to an ape-like cartoon with clownish make-up.

Courtesy: Sky News

Renaming YouTube Account to Ark Invest

In a similar fashion, the hackers took over control of the YouTube account, renaming it ‘Ark Invest’ and posting crypto videos. Ark Invest is an America-based investment management firm run by Cathie Wood popular for her crypto bets. The combined following for both Twitter and YouTube accounts currently stands at close to half a million people.

The Chair of the House of Commons MP Tobias Ellwood said: “This looks serious. I hope the results of the investigation and actions taken will be shared appropriately.”

Crypto scams have been rampant, especially over the last year’s bull run. This year, we have seen hackers exploiting several DeFi bridges and stealing hundreds of millions of dollars of investors’ funds. The recent one being the $100 million hack of Harmony’s Horizon bridge.

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